Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best game server hosting experience possible. We strive to provide a high quality, reliable service that is easy to use and affordable. We are passionate about gaming and technology and we want to share that passion with our customers.

Our Hardware

We carefully select reliable, high performing hardware to ensure the best performance for your game servers. Our fleet currently consists of Intel Xeon E-2236 based nodes with SSD and NVMe storage.

Our chosen hardware provides great single core performance that is well suited to game server workloads, rather than ultra-high core count systems that are really only good for squeezing tons of under-performing instances on one node.

Our People

When we started Purple Flag Hosting back in 2019 we already had over a decade of experience in the game server hosting field. We have a small team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about gaming and technology.

Our Name

Our name may not be made up easily marketable buzz-words, but it has special meaning to us.

The name "Purple Flag" is a throwback to the founders days of playing UrbanTerror. Capture the Flag was a favourite game mode of the clan and we often ran into the situation where both the red and the blue flag carrier got fragged and dropped the flags in the same place. As the two flags stood there waving and clipping into each other we referred to this as "Making the purple".