Terms of Service

  1. Definitions
    1. Where the term “Us”, “We”, or “Our” appears this refers to the Australian company “Purple Flag Hosting”.
    2. Where the term “Client” is used this refers to the person or organisation purchasing or obtaining the services from Purple Flag Hosting.
    3. The “Client billing area” is the client accessible portion of the billing system.
    4. The term “partners” may refer to payment processors, fraud detection services, and service providers who provide us resources such as servers or connectivity.
  2. Limitation of Liability
    1. The client agrees we shall not be liable for losses or damages caused by or related to the clients, or other persons, inability to access the provided services.
  3. Refunds and Disputes
    1. No refund will be given where we determine that the client violated one of our policies, our suppliers’ policies, the law, or other legal obligations.
    2. The client is entitled to cancel a service and be provided a refund within the first seven (7) days of service if the service doesn’t meet the clients’ expectations.
    3. The client is entitled to a refund where required by the Australian consumer guarantees.
    4. Except where otherwise stipulated in this document no refunds will be provided.
  4. Public Pay
    1. Our "Public Pay" facility is a system that allows the public to make payments that contribute credit to the account of the specified client.
    2. Payments made using our "Public Pay" facility are not refundable.
    3. In the event a client receives a refund on an invoice where the payment was funded by credit acquired by Public Pay, the refund will be in the form of a credit applied to the clients account.
  5. Billing
    1. The client agrees that if an invoice is not paid seven (7) days past the due by date the clients service will be suspended until the balance owing has been paid.
    2. The client agrees that if an invoice remains unpaid fourteen (14) days after the invoices due by date the service will be terminated, and all related data may be deleted or otherwise destroyed.
    3. The client agrees that their chosen payment method may be automatically charged when an invoice is issued for the balance of the invoice.
    4. The client acknowledges they may be liable for any fees we incur as a result of failed or reversed payments.
    5. Service upgrades will be billed on a pro-rata rate, based on the difference in price between the current and requested service level.
    6. Upgrades and downgrades are only available within the same product type (eg. You can’t upgrade a Minecraft service into a Counter-Strike: Source service)
    7. Service downgrades are not available in some cases and are available at our discretion.
    8. No refunds shall be provided for service downgrades.
    9. Payments made though our "Public Pay" facility are non-refundable
  6. Cancellations
    1. Service cancellations must be placed by the client using the “Request Cancellation” button in the client billing area.
    2. The client will be presented with two options when requesting cancellation:
      1. Immediate – The service will be cancelled within 24 hours of the request
      2. End of Billing Period – The service will be cancelled at the end of the billing period
    3. No refund will be provided for cancelled services unless otherwise stated in writing by us.
    4. The client acknowledges that once a service has been cancelled or terminated the server and any related data, including but not limited to, game server files, configuration files, maps, and databases, may be deleted or destroyed.
  7. Customer contact and information
    1. The client agrees to provide accurate and correct information to us, including but not limited to, full name, address and email address, and to keep that information up to date at all times
    2. The client agrees to receiving invoices, notices and other communications from us via their registered contact information.
  8. Account security
    1. The client must take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of their account passwords, API keys, and other credentials used to access their data or control their services.
    2. The client agrees to notify us immediately if the security of their accounts or services has been compromised and take any reasonable steps to repair the security, including but not limited to, changing passwords, and revoking API keys.
  9. Acceptable Use
    1. The client agrees not to modify their service in a way to provide a service different than originally supplied.
    2. Our services are not to be used for bulk mailing services unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  10. Changes to our policies
    1. We may alter this document at any time.
    2. Changes will be made available via our website.
    3. Continued use of our services signifies your agreement to any changes.
    4. Changes made will become effective immediately once published on our website.