Garry's Mod

With our high performance Garry’s Mod hosting, you can play sandbox or load up any number of other game modes. Our panel makes it simple to install mods such as DarkRP or prop hunt.

Load up your favourite mods by uploading files directly, or let our panel do the work. Simply enter a workshop collection ID to automatically keep everything up to date.

Instant Setup

Your server is setup and online within minutes of order confirmation. No more waiting to get into your games.

File Browser and FTP access

You have full access to your server files and settings through an easy to use control panel or your FTP client. Manage and configure your servers with ease.

DDoS Protection

Tested DDoS protection designed for protecting your game servers. You can keep playing through the attacks!

Low latency network

Our network providers use a wide range of connections, which means less latency for you.

Our Panel:

  • Direct console access
  • Browse and edit files
  • View realtime resource usage
  • Start, Stop, and Restart your server
  • Schedule commands and restarts
  • Create and manage MySQL databases
  • Create sub-users and assign permissions to other users
  • View SFTP access details