Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

About Garry's Mod

With our high performance Garry’s Mod hosting, you can play sandbox or load up any number of other game modes. Our panel makes it simple to install mods such as DarkRP or prop hunt. Load up your favourite mods by uploading files directly, or let our panel do the work. Simply enter a workshop collection ID to automatically keep everything up to date.

Our Hardware

We carefully select reliable, high performing hardware to ensure the best performance for your game servers. Our fleet currently consists of Intel Xeon E-2236 based nodes with SSD and NVMe storage.

Our chosen hardware provides great single core performance that is well suited to game server workloads, rather than ultra-high core count systems that are really only good for squeezing tons of under-performing instances on one node.

Game Control Panel

Our Panel:

Our game control panel is built to be easy to use and simple to navigate. We have a range of features including:

Direct Console Access

Easily run commands directly in the web based control panel

File Manager

Upload and manage your server files with ease

Realtime Resource Monitoring

Keep an eye on your server's performance with realtime resource usage reporting

Process Control

Start, stop and restart your server with the click of a button

Task Scheduler

Schedule commands and power action tasks to run at specific times

MySQL Databases

Create and manage MySQL databases for your server


Create sub-users with specific permissions to help you manage your server


Access your server files via SFTP for easy file management